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5 Strategies to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Rahul Maingi

By admin, December 30, 2017

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The secret to a smooth workflow in a company is the productivity of its employees. If they have a good company culture, a healthy work-life balance and an encouraging manager, then workers are sure to give their best to the company.

However, sometimes employees get demotivated and underperform due to stress and work pressure. Being a manager, it’s your duty to motivate your team and work towards boosting their morale for greater work efficiency.

If you’re facing a productivity crisis in your team, then here are 5 strategies to increase productivity.

1) Organise Team Building Activities

If the members of the team work well together, then it becomes more fun to work with each other. Therefore, to boost your employee’s productivity, get your team involved in various team building activities. These activities are great for strengthening the relationships of the members and creating a fun-filled work environment. Here’s a list of some popular team building activities you can try.

2) Invest in Training Programs

Sometimes, lack of knowledge and skills can also be a reason for decreasing productivity. In such cases, training programs are essential at providing your team members with the necessary skills. Invest in various training programs such as webinars, conferences, and workshops. Share your experience with your team and sharpen their skills with the help of technical training and feedback.

3) Create a Stress-Free Environment

The work environment plays a vital role in determining the productivity of the employees. If the staff members are lacking motivation, are overloaded with work or face continuous pressure to perform well, then it will affect their job performance. Understand the limits of your team members, set attainable goals and help them in meeting deadlines with proper guidance. Create a natural setting by including flowers and houseplants inside the office premises to reduce stress, increase creativity and improve the mental health of the team members.

4) Appreciate Your Team Members

Praising the team for the tasks completed is a great way of motivating the employees. Apart from financial incentives, focus on praising employees verbally or through a work appreciation awards. Doing so will create a positive effect on the team to perform well.

5) Get Rid of Interruptions

Workplace distractions are a big obstacle to your team’s productivity. Tasks such as software development, bookkeeping and auditing require a quiet and distraction-free environment. A workplace free of interruptions is necessary to increase concentration levels and productivity. To get rid of interruptions, ask your team to use noise-cancelling headphones, communicate through email during office hours and encourage the use of ‘Do Not Disturb’ tags on workstations so that no one disturbs them when they’re busy.

Use these strategies and keep your team members motivated. Understand your team and get their feedback on the management and work processes. These steps are surefire ways of improving your team’s productivity.

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