6 Awesome Tips to Promote Your Business on Its Anniversary

Rahul Maingi

By Rahul Maingi, Mar 28, 2019

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Promote your Business by Engaging through Social Media

Whether your company is turning one or twenty-five- this auspicious day can become a milestone in taking your business several steps forward. The company anniversary is more than a day when your company was inaugurated and a recurring celebration. It can be a strong marketing tool and a single day when your company can earn much more revenue than on regular days if you are creative about your marketing campaigns.

This post shares some of the best tips to promote your business as well as earn the maximum profit possible on the day of the business anniversary.

Significance of the Company Anniversary

Celebrating your company anniversary is a great strategy to build client relations and is a significant day that can establish a lot about your company too. The following are certain advantages of celebrating your company’s anniversary:

  • Clients usually prefer to work with companies that are stable and dependable alongside being successful. The anniversary signifies the companies’ stability in the perspective of certain clients.
  • The anniversary is the perfect time to showcase previous successes and highlight the past, present and the future agendas of the company and make your clients more aware of them.
  • It can be used to attract positive attention and make the most of the company’s strengths.

Tips on Using the Anniversary for Business Promotion

Keeping in mind the significance of the company’s anniversary, the following are certain things you can focus on to create a marketing campaign that plays up your strength and brings home the maximum profit possible.

  1. Showcase major milestones

Every company has some major highlights among their many accomplishments. The company anniversary is the right time to showcase these. These will not only remind your employees and customers of the previous accomplishments of the company but also help to build spark your client’s interests in your future endeavours. The campaign should be a balanced mix of the past and the future so that it does appear like you only have the past records to brag about.

  1. Engage through social media

Social media has a major influence on marketing these days and millions of people spent a significant amount of time browsing through it. Use the various platforms in social media as a place for promoting your business campaign centring around the anniversary. Certain things that you can do are:

  • Share the details of the anniversary events and celebrations along with a subtle call-to-action on social media platforms
  • Engage with your fans in discussions about the firm’s events.
  • Thank your loyal customers and offer discounts to engage them further and entice them to shop more from you.
  • Focus on a specific call to action for the special occasion instead of a general one.
  1. Perfect time for new launches

The anniversary is the perfect date for creating the maximum buzz around a new product or service that you wish to launch. If you are working on a new product, try to schedule its launch on the day of your company anniversary along with introductory offers so that more clients are engaged. Be open to new possibilities and build a connection with people who are coming to visit the store for new business prospects. The mood of celebration can set the ambience right for striking an impressive business deal as the potential clients get interested by seeing your previous endeavours and the new launches you are offering.

  1. Establish a feasible budget

All the promotional works, product launches, events, and festivities can add up to your expenses quickly and one should be sure that they have enough funds to finance these. Before you start planning for the anniversary celebrations, consult your accounts department to estimate a budget and whether it is feasible for the company. A well-managed accounting and bookkeeping segment for your business can do the budgeting for the celebrations. The anniversary is the perfect time to go through the finances of the company and analyze the profits and progresses you have made so far.

Using accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, Peachtree is a great way to smoothly manage the budgeting required for this specific event.

  1. Make the event media-worthy

Get more publicity by inviting the media and issuing press releases for specific activities and attractions of the day. Media coverage and exposure will help you to get noticed by more and more people who are potential clients but have not yet experienced your products and services. Consider donating for a cause on this special day. Media coverage of such an act can give you positive recognition from potential clients.

  1. Extensive celebrations beyond the actual date

A great way to reap the maximum benefits on the anniversary day is ensuring your dedicated clients do not forget the date by keeping up the hype way before the actual date. Milestone anniversaries, question and answer sessions with customers, small reminders of the attractions involving the anniversary celebrations months ahead can build the right amount of anticipation, and you will get a thriving crowd on the day.

When you are building a marketing campaign revolving around the company anniversary, the target should be getting enough leads and sales on the day and beyond it. You will need a strong bookkeeping segment using the latest software to manage the influx of cash flow on this day. Also, the creative and marketing team should be capable enough to organize this smoothly too.  Employing the above tips strategically, you can make each anniversary a profit milestone for the company.

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