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What Can You Do to Make Your Employees More Engaged?

Rahul Maingi

By admin, September 30, 2019

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The main challenge entrepreneurs face is putting together a team they can rely on. You may find numerous talented and skilled people to work for you. Besides their skills, they will need to coordinate with each other and have a passion for their work to produce optimum results. An inviting and warm office can boost your employees immensely and inspire them to give their best to their work and the company.  However, even the most skilled and productive employees can feel unmotivated and lethargic, if their routine becomes monotonous.

How Engaged Employees Help Your Business

You may wonder what difference it makes so long as your employees are coming to work, meeting their deadlines and keeping the company running. But a successful company is much more than just a mechanical management and workforce. Here is how you benefit when your workforce is engaged in their jobs:

5 Tips to Make Your Employees More Engaged

Inspiring your employees to be more engaged at work is largely dependent on the office’s ambience and work culture. The following are surefire ways to make them more comfortable and engaged at work:

  1. Encourage internal communication

Group discussions and even chats in the dining room can birth innovative business ideas, provided everyone is comfortable sharing their thoughts without apprehension. It is all too common for employees to feel uncomfortable about speaking their minds. Do not let your office be such a place if you want them to be more engaged. If they are not able to speak up, the organization will miss out on valuable ideas that could have boosted growth.

Remember, communication is a two-way process, so you will need to seem approachable for your employees to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts.

  1. Help employees know each other better

Your company may employ thousands of people or be a growing startup with a score of employees. The more employees you have, the lesser communication among them. This can affect work culture and team spirit as employees may feel dispassionate and bored about having to collaborate with workers they hardly know. Here are a few fun ways to make it easier for your employees to connect:

  1. Reward employees when they deserve it

While rewards can motivate employees, it is important to understand that rewards should be given only to those who deserve them. Often bosses feel that handing out rewards periodically is the best way to motivate employees, whether they deserve them or not. This practice can hurt certain employees’ performance as they may eventually expect them and not work hard. Pay close attention to every employee’s progress and performance.

Rewards do not always have to take the form of a bonus or cash. What is more important is that your employees know you acknowledge their efforts and progress. This will boost hardworking employees and motivate other employees to be more engaged.

  1. Get to know new recruits from the first day

When a new person is hired, do everything you can to make them feel welcome. Many companies and business owners feel disappointed when a new employee with excellent skills is not as engaged as they should be. However, this may not always be the result of an employees’ laid-back attitude but the stress of joining a new company. Helping them out with any problems they have during the onboarding process will help them more quickly feel like part of the team.

  1. Allow “me time” for personal enrichment

Work can get tedious and monotonous and often does not leave any time for personal engagement with employees, leading to frustration. Have a flexible schedule or at least allow employees a fixed half hour when they can explore topics for their personal enrichment. There are numerous things your employees may be passionate about and want to learn. When, as an employer, you are supportive of their passions, they are more likely to give their best and be loyal to the company. Moreover, there may be talented employees trying to broaden their skills which will prove fruitful for the company in the future.

The key to making your employees more engaged and passionate about their jobs is to allow them to enjoy their work. This is only possible when they are given a flexible working ambience and perceive management as openminded and supportive. Whether you run an established company or a startup, these practices will pay off by gifting your company with loyal, skilled employees who will ensure its growth.

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