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Do You Feel Cloud Computing Is Out of Reach for Your Organization?

Rahul Maingi

By admin, July 22, 2016

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“Cloud”— No it’s not the rain bearing floating particles that we marvel at looking up at the sky. Cloud is the new platform on which revolves the day-to-day transactions of the new and evolved accounting firms.

People around the world are finally starting to grasp the importance of cloud technology. It helps keep them stay protected even with utilizing redundant backups. Progressively, the accounting world is looking at options, to move off their data from the corruptible “C” drive, to the more progressive online cloud storage options. A sign that says the accounting world is more than ready to go ahead and take the challenge.

Why Cloud?

Cloud is all you need to work. It functions with just a decent internet connection. It facilitates “anytime, anywhere” working opportunity ensuring safe data storage that is backed up for complete access by you and your entrusted colleagues or clients. In short, it is a diverse framework that will change the way we collaborate on activities, in turn enhancing overall quality of output.

Interested in cloud accounting? Check if you can relate with the various traits found in the cloud accounting firms.

  1. Good and fast communication is not a “nice to have”, but a “must have”.

Accounting firms which operate virtually are mostly technology oriented. Working mostly with cloud-based solutions, these firms have to be proficient with a variety of technologies to accommodate as many different vendors/clients. “Always connected” is how these business owners like to function. Subsequently, when you are working with customers remotely almost 100% of the time and cannot facilitate face-to-face meetings, it is important to ensure that communication is not hindered.

  1. You value transparency and data integrity.

If you are the type of person who needs to have the full picture before making a decision, then cloud accounting is the thing for you. Cloud accounting platforms allow a person to connect to the data from almost anywhere. At any point in time, you can go for an audit log and see what’s in the records in just a few clicks.

Accounting firms that are cloud connected with their customers can report real time data.  With entire data at your fingertips, you can actually extract the data while with your customers, who are often too busy with sales and seldom look into the data organizing component.

  1. You are susceptible to change management.

As long as individuals are open to becoming more efficient through cloud computing, change management will be a successful. You got to have the attitude, doing the same thing cannot produce different results, but rather change will. With that mindset, most organizations are likely to be successful. At this point in time there are too many examples to list that have experienced a positive benefit through cloud computing.

This really does not mean a complete remodeling of the accounting services; it is only an assurance that individuals are ready for the change.

How and where do you start?

If you are new and confused, try looking for an implementer or a mentor who can guide you through the fundamentals. Accounting professors of any entrepreneurship department at the local university can help you gain knowledge about the topic. Then there are also certified advisors who can be searched locally; they are more than willing to help, provided you are prepared to engage them during the implementation process.

Cloud is the future of accounting. Choosing cloud means opting for a better future, while greatly improvising and elevating the best practices of your organization. As a business owner, do you think you are behind the technology curve? There is no right time other than now.

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