Invoice Processing Services

Invoice Processing Services

Complete Invoice Process for your Businesses

A streamlined invoice processing function is important to businesses. Errors and omissions in invoices can result in reconciliation discrepancy and customer dissatisfaction. Businesses are unable to prioritize their focus on core values due to the excessive time and resources consumed in completing invoice processing. By outsourcing this process businesses can now concentrate on business growth.

How We Add Value

Virtuous Bookkeeping has provided customized invoice management solutions that include automatic handling and processing of invoices to various companies across Canada. Our value added tasks include:

  • use of automated invoice recognition software.
  • web based invoice approval workflow which assists in accurate processing of invoices (receipts and payments).
  • fast turnaround time based on client urgency.
  • cloud storage of invoice data for easy accessibility.
  • dedicated personnel to enter and maintain invoice information.

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Invoice Processing to Virtuous Bookkeeping

  • Customized invoice processes that help reduce employee and IT infrastructure costs
  • Significant decrease in number of errors with our automated invoice management technology ensuring accurate entries of all data
  • Reconciliation of invoices processed with vendor account balances for more accuracy
  • Businesses benefit from regular, accurate and timely invoice management