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How to Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Rahul Maingi

By admin, March 27, 2019

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Earlier Response Helps to Keep Customers Satisfied

To prosper as a start-up or a small-scale business, maintaining a good relationship with your clients or customers is essential. These days, with numerous social media and digital marketing options, connecting with the customers is easier than ever. In order to make your customers keep visiting, it is important to make them feel valued through your services and products. When the customers are happy, you will not only get dedicated clients but more referrals which will help you to build a reputation.

This post shares some tricks which will make your customers feel honoured and valued and make them coming back for more.

There are subtle but effective ways in which you can make your customers feel valued through your attentive gestures. Whether you have an online business or a storefront, be sure to strike the right balance between being attentive and being pushy, or else you may end up losing clients. Be available and visible so that they can easily approach you when needed. Greet clients by their names which show you remember them. This will make them feel prioritized and welcome. Clients who feel valued will be willing to come back with new business prospects in the future.

When any client contacts you regarding an issue, review their entire account, and its history quickly to find out any other existing problems they need to be aware of. If it is an issue with payment and invoice processing, make it a priority as financial troubles and disputes are one of the most critical problems in business- how smoothly and quickly you solve it is seen as a sign of efficiency from the client’s perspective.

If there is an upcoming sale or new product launch, you can also let them know about it in the meantime- getting this information ASAP can make your clients feel special.

Customers will always have something to say about your business and seeking their feedback can be helpful in many ways. Being proactive about seeking feedback gives the impression that their opinions are valued. Also, if the customer has anything negative to say, stepping forward asking for their opinions and solving the issue will also prevent them from venting it out on public platforms. This kind of gesture will also help you grow as a business, and you can better evaluate regarding the services your clients are expecting from you.

Being presentable as a business owner can work wonders in influencing the psyche of the customers. If you have a storefront, make sure it is well thought and designed. The maintenance and cleaning should be thoroughly done on a regular basis. Lighting, music, temperature and comfort zones together can create an ambience that entices the customers to stay at your store for longer. The longer the visitors stay and explore your store, the better the chances of a sale. If you have an online store, keep the website and mobile apps updated so that buyers can easily find what they want and stay aware of every sale and offers available on your website.

For business owners with a storefront or office, having store representatives who are well-dressed and presentable is essential to create a professional impression among the visitors.

When you have a great team of employees and appreciate them, they can become the spokesperson for the company and spread the word about your products and services. Positive feedback from employees can work wonders in building a reputation among prospective clients. Moreover, when your employees are well treated and valued, it is reflected in their attitude and work. Thank them for their hard work and reward creativity and new ideas they come up with. Feature exceptional employees in regular newsletters as an appreciation of their work as well as for setting an example to draw inspiration to other employees.

Customers are always looking for a better version of what is available right now and to keep up with the demand and stay on top of the competition, it is important to improve your existing best-sellers. When you are providing a better version of existing products, the clients will keep coming back to you. It’s advisable to determine which products need an upgrade and which are favourites by communicating with the buyers. Consider creating a customer community and run a survey now and then.

When a customer has certain questions or complaints, like having trouble with payments, make it a priority to respond at the earliest. This will make them feel like you are always available to help. Have dedicated representatives for handling emails and social media accounts to ensure every comment, emails, and direct messages you get are responded to.

Making customers feel valued is not always about giving discounts and monetary benefits- your behaviour, attentiveness and product, and service quality play an influential role as well. The above-mentioned are some key gestures which are effective in building connections with your clients and making them feel valued.

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