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How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

Rahul Maingi

By admin, April 28, 2017

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If you’re a manager, then you know how import dedicated employees are in growing a business. Without a solid team, your company’s goals would have been hard to achieve.

However, simply having a competent workforce is not enough. What you need to do is try to motivate and retain existing talent. Be it you or your employees, some words of encouragement and recognition are critical if you want to grow organizational talent capital.

If you want to retain your team and keep it motivated, then here are some ways to make your employees feel valued.

Working as a team is good but recognizing exceptional employees is important. The team needs to understand that those who perform well will be acknowledged. It will encourage everyone to improve their performance.

Recognition is important, but constant praise, like anything else, gets tiring if its constant and only coming from one source. That doesn’t mean that you should stop acknowledging your employees. Instead, look for other ways to let your team know that their work is valued. Share recognition emails sent by clients, executives or other co-workers with your employees. It will make them feel that others need them too and their work is important for everyone.

To be ready for anything, your team needs to be able to step outside of their comfort zone. Whenever a new project begins, don’t rely on a few employees. Instead, spread the responsibility throughout the entire team. Present new opportunities and challenge your employees to develop their confidence and to show their true potential.

Everyone wants their opinions to be heard. Listen to your team and let their ideas be discussed in a constructive manner. This is an effective way of encouraging your employees to brainstorm and think in a new direction.

Rewarding the employees soon after a major accomplishment is more beneficial than annual increments. It encourages the employee to work harder and makes him/her realize that his/her good work has been recognized. It increases their productivity, loyalty and job satisfaction.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, including your employees. If you want your team to keep performing well, then acknowledging them is the key. Appreciate your staff by entrusting them with new opportunities, rewarding them, valuing their opinion and recognizing their work. Be a good manager and maximize your team’s performance through motivation.

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