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Remote Bookkeeping Services: Dispelling Fallacies About Them

Rahul Maingi

By admin, April 24, 2023

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Remote bookkeeping services are increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes because they are an affordable and effective alternative to hiring an in-house bookkeeper.
However, there are several misconceptions about them.
In this post, we debunk some of these mistaken beliefs and show you why virtual bookkeeping is a great option for your business.

Misconceptions About Remote Bookkeeping Services

Here, we explore common misconceptions about virtual bookkeeping services.

You Won’t Have Control Over Your Business
One of the biggest misapprehensions held by business owners is that they will lose control of their business when they outsource their bookkeeping. The truth is that doing so helps you to better manage your business goals and finances.

Virtual Bookkeeping Service Providers Cost More
Another common misconception about outsourcing bookkeeping for business is that it will be more expensive. Instead, their effective bookkeeping solutions save you time and money. This helps your business grow by making informed business decisions.
By contrast, hiring an in-house bookkeeper can increase expenses as you pay for their salary and benefits like medical insurance. This is unlike a virtual bookkeeping service provider where you only pay for the time they devote to your project.

It Is Not a Safe Option
Due to the confidential nature of financial information, it is natural to worry about your data’s security when sharing your books with a remote bookkeeper.
It is important to remember that no financial data is completely secure, whether it is stored offline, online, or in physical ledgers. However, the security employed by outsourced bookkeeping services is always the latest technology.

They Are Not Reliable
Business owners may question whether remote bookkeeping service providers are trustworthy as they are not full-time employees and work for other companies. One advantage of these providers is that they have an unbiased approach that helps them spot unfair activity within your company. They can also suggest remedial using a secured internet connection, keep changing passwords, etc. to run financial tasks effectively.

Virtual Bookkeeping Is Not About Data Entry
Although virtual bookkeeping entails a significant amount of data entry, that’s not all they do. The duties of bookkeepers differ by company, but they may reconcile accounts if inconsistencies crop up. They also generate financial reports and check the accuracy of entered data

Virtual Bookkeeping

They Follow Regulations and Standards
The truth is that remote bookkeeping services are subject to the same regulations and standards as traditional bookkeeping services. This includes regulations related to data security, privacy, and confidentiality. As already noted, virtual bookkeeping services often utilize advanced security measures to protect your sensitive financial data.

Virtual Bookkeeping Services Are Not Customizable
Many remote bookkeepers offer packages or plans that can be tailored to your business’s specific financial scenario. Moreover, these service providers often provide personalized support and advice to help you manage your finances more effectively.

Remote bookkeeping services are a viable and cost-effective alternative to traditional bookkeeping. They offer advanced security measures, real-time data access, customized plans, and expert support. These services are suitable for businesses of all sizes as they can handle simple and complex financial situations alike. By debunking these common misconceptions, businesses can realize the benefits of virtual bookkeeping services and manage their finances more effectively. For more information, contact Virtuous Accounting & Bookkeeping. From payroll processing and generating financial statements to handling accounts payable and accounts receivable services, we can handle it all with the utmost efficiency.

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