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Are Remote Workers More Productive Than Office Workers?

Rahul Maingi

By admin, September 30, 2019

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What makes a worker more productive? The workplace is constantly evolving to become more accommodating to employees in order to inspire them to be more productive. Cozier office design, perks like candy dispensers, beer taps and indoor games are all designed to help workers relax their minds and give their best to the company.

However, despite these in-office perks, the opportunity to work from home seems to be increasingly popular. With so many communication technologies accessible these days, there is a significant shift happening towards working remotely, with many believing it to be more productive than working in an office.

Studies and Researches on Remote Workers and Their Performance

The productivity of remote workers has been a matter of debate even before it became so popular. Companies have been trying for decades to strike a balance between the ambience of a private and public workplace, and the attempts have resulted in a variety of workplace perks. Yet surveys among workers show, many claim they need more privacy and a calmer environment to better focus which is not always available in an office.

The number of people who say they are unable to concentrate at their desk has increased by 16% since 2008 and those claiming they do not have access to a quiet enough work environment has increased by 13% according to one survey.

Where millennials better-versed with technology feel working remotely makes them more productive, a traditional business owner is more likely to have established beliefs regarding office culture. Let’s look at the benefits of working remotely and why it is considered more productive than working in an office.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Workers

No matter the industry, more and more companies are keen on hiring remote workers. The following are benefits associated with hiring a professional who provides virtual services from a remote location:

Provided the remote worker maintains a chaos-free home office, they can focus better on their work and are able to make the most of their work hours; hence, they are more productive. Everyone has a different way to work, and for many a certain amount of peace and quiet is essential to function. With many offices having an open floor plan, the chaos can be quite distracting.

But for a remote worker, these troubles are eradicated, as they have better control and freedom over their work environment.

According Brian De Haaff in Inc Magazine,With no office distractions and greater autonomy, remote workers have the freedom to get more done. This is something most people crave.”

Contrary to the popular belief that teamwork is best done when all the players are in the same place, remote workers can be great teammates despite the distance. Since they are working remotely, they must keep up their communication and organize ways to be more productive. Hence, their communication involves more tasks and important questions relevant to the work. The scope of learning and building better collaboration is heightened in this way. Facilities like video calling and teleconferencing using the latest technologies make it easier to be available in an instant.

In an office there are always one or two employees absent for some reason, but when you are working remotely, there is no trouble with attendance. They have the flexibility to schedule their work according to their lifestyle and requirements. In case they are ill, they can still work from home. This way they do not lose a workday and you will be able to communicate with them regarding each day’s work.

Moreover, in case someone is sick, they will be able to fully recover and prevent spreading anything among their colleagues. An office worker who feels pressured to work when sick will almost invariably end up making their colleagues sick too.

Remote workers work on a results-oriented schedule and follow flexible working hours that allow them to have more control over their lifestyle. This in turn helps them to be more engaged when they are working and give better results. Moreover, they are more flexible about working on weekends and after office hours which helps the company to be productive around the clock.

Whether you are a software development company or a virtual bookkeeping firm, you can hire a remote worker from any part of the world. By being flexible about recruiting, you can access talents from other parts of the globe and bring new ideas and diversity into your team. Freelancers from different time zone will keep your company functioning all the time and have skills that can make them valuable assets to your company.

The Problems of Remote Workers

There are certain drawbacks associated with remote workers, too, which make seasoned business owners apprehensive about hiring them:

Remote workers can be freelancers or virtual companies. Whether associating with them will prove fruitful depends on their principles and work ethics. But incorporating work from home can enhance their productivity and at the very least make employees more engaged and loyal to the company which is equally important. With the right recruitment strategies, you can strike a balance and enjoy the perks of working with remote workers who are enthusiastic about their work.

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