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How Your Small Business Can Compete with Corporate Giants

Rahul Maingi

By admin, February 24, 2018

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The market is full of competition, especially if you’re a small business owner. Keeping up with big businesses in the same industry is one of the biggest challenges faced by startups and small businesses. Corporate giants get advantages in the industry because of their big budgets and more recognizable brand. As a result, there are chances of small businesses getting overshadowed by the bigwigs in this corporate battle. So how can you compete? Keep reading to find out the answer.

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In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how small businesses can compete with corporate giants to ensure their survival and success in the industry.

Small businesses can get an edge in the market by focussing on a specific market segment. Recognize the type of demographics you want to target and reshape your marketing strategies accordingly to generate more revenue and ensure quick growth. Being a small business, you have the advantage of establishing a closer connection with your basic customers. Keep a close watch on the market trends and serve according to it. Unlike big businesses that target a large group, you can find a niche approach and find untapped subcategories to create your own customer base.

To compete with corporate giants, you need to offer something different and innovative to your customers rather than being just another product or service in the market. Understand what your customers need and find out solutions to meet those needs. Make your customers realize that you or your products/services are different from others irrespective of being in the same industry. Give an innovative angle to your marketing campaign by emphasizing on the fact you are unique. For example, better after-sales services, eco-friendly products, one-day delivery options, off-site bookkeeping services for greater flexibility, better customer support, etc.

Taking advantage of online platforms to connect with your target customers is an excellent strategy to compete with your rivals. Customers tend to rely on brands with a strong and polished web presence. You should make the most of this opportunity to compete with big businesses. Make your website more user-friendly, be active on social media, create meaningful and informative content, post promotional videos and exciting deals on your company’s social media account, etc. It will help you build your reputation among your customers which can be rewarding in the long run.

Small businesses are more flexible compared to the big ones. Unlike business bigwigs who have a complex organizational structure that makes it harder for them to change their direction quickly, a small business can respond faster to change. Utilise this chance by making quick decisions, adapting to change and acting fast. Create new products according to a sudden change in customer preference or put the plan into action immediately after the idea clicked in your mind. After all, startups are all about taking risks, trying, falling and trying again till they achieve success.

Big companies may have better resources than you, but you’re way ahead of them in many ways. Make full use of the opportunities you have and turn your competitor’s weaknesses into your strengths. Don’t try to become better than your rivals, rather try finding your niche and creating a loyal customer base.

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