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Top Attributes to Look for When Hiring Virtual Bookkeepers

Rahul Maingi

By admin, April 1, 2022

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Although in-house bookkeepers are a common concept, not all business owners are aware of virtual bookkeepers.
As the term suggests, virtual bookkeepers manage bookkeeping tasks remotely with the help of cloud software. In collaboration with just about any device in real time, you can access this type of software anytime and from anywhere; no need to wait for office hours to get the job done. Instead, information is easily available because it synchronizes with the cloud and is being updated regularly.
Virtuous Bookkeeping is a leading online bookkeeping and accounting service in the Toronto area. Our team of highly-skilled professionals offers exceptional personalized bookkeeping solutions to suit your budget.
In this post we examine essential attributes of an online bookkeeper.
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Consider These Key Qualities of Virtual Bookkeepers

With so many virtual bookkeeping services, your choice is not easy. Here are the top qualities of online bookkeepers you must consider to make an informed choice.

They Should Have Industry Experience
When you outsource your work to an online bookkeeper, you must hire professionals who know the ins and outs of your industry. As a result, they can easily adapt to the working style of your business as compared to those who have never worked with companies similar to yours.
Virtuous Bookkeeping’s team of highly experienced Chartered Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Certified General Accountants, and Certified Management Accountants have decades of experience in fintech.

They Must Be Highly Organized
This is one of the key qualities of proficient online bookkeepers. After all, they need to do repetitive tasks efficiently which requires organization.
Moreover, they should have excellent time management skills to help them identify which tasks need to be done first. They can also maintain an effective checklist and track their accomplished tasks.

They Should Be Trustworthy
Online bookkeepers deal with confidential data which is why an honest team is so important. Their financial reporting must be honest so stolen money is never an issue. They should also be proactive in terms of communication should they discover anything wrong with your finances.

They Must Update Their Skills Regularly
Your business’s growth requires working with professional online bookkeepers who keep up to date with new techniques and skills. This helps them provide the best services.
For example, tax rules and regulations change often, and your online bookkeeping team should be aware of these changes to serve you best.

They Should Use Modern Accounting Software
We are experts in several desktop and virtual accounting programs, including Xero, Sage, FreshBooks, Wave and QuickBooks.

They Should Be Responsive and Prompt
Your online bookkeepers should reply promptly to email correspondence and attend all online meetings via Zoom or Google Meet.
They should also keep track of all your financial transactions, update your financial records regularly, and never have a backlog of tasks.
At Virtuous Bookkeeping we provide you with a committed account manager, an expert bookkeeper, and a reviewer. This helps us ensure optimum accountability and precision when it comes to your accounts. Our dedicated team can answer your queries almost around the clock. You may also access your financial information through our online portals.

Now you are aware of the top qualities of virtual bookkeepers. They should be experienced, well-organized, honest, responsive, and have skills and experience pertinent to your industry. In this way you will be able to scale the service as your business grows rather than wasting your money on an inefficient in-house hire. Need an AP outsourcing company? Want to outsource your invoice processing? For any online bookkeeping and accounting solutions, contact Virtuous Bookkeeping today.

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