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What Traits to Look for When Hiring an Online Bookkeeper

Rahul Maingi

By admin, September 29, 2022

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Whether you run a small startup or a medium-sized business, you have likely had to manage your company’s finances at some point. So you know the tedium involved and the anxiety of making even a small error.

Bookkeeping requires precision and promptness, which is why outsourcing these financial tasks to an online bookkeeper proves helpful to many business owners.

But, with so many available, selecting the right one is no easy task.

In this post we discuss the vital qualities of an online bookkeeper that you must consider to make an informed decision.

What Are the Vital Traits of an Online Bookkeeper?

Here are the top qualities of a virtual bookkeeper you should consider to make a good hire.

1. They Should Be Organized 

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A virtual bookkeeper does repetitive tasks regularly. To do them effectively, they must have outstanding organizational and time management skills. This helps them identify the tasks that need to be done first and keep a checklist to track the essential tasks of a particular day.

2. They Should Have Excellent Communication Skills 

Virtual bookkeepers report on the financial status of your business. That includes delivering financial reports properly and communicating them promptly. These reports include balance sheets and profit & loss statements. Moreover, they follow up with client invoices. To do these tasks effectively, an online bookkeeper should be an excellent communicator.

3. They Should Focus on Your Company’s Wellbeing

A trusted online bookkeeping service provider who is known for their time management, work efficiency in work, and responsive customer service is your best bet.  Moreover, they should consider your specific budget and needs.

4. They Must Have Excellent Knowledge of Accounting Software 

Remote bookkeeping service providers should have excellent knowledge of advanced accounting software like Zoho, QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks. Moreover, knowledge of other software or techniques to share work and communicate/manage workflow remotely is essential.

5. They Should Be Honest

A virtual bookkeeper deals with confidential data so they must be trustworthy and honest. Moreover, they should have integrity by preparing your financial reports truthfully. They should also be proactive in terms of communicating if there is something wrong with your finances.

6. They Must Keep Updating Their Skill Sets 

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The growth of your business requires working with virtual bookkeepers who stay on top of current trends and techniques of bookkeeping and update their skills accordingly. For instance, your virtual bookkeeping team must be familiar with changes in tax regulations and rules in order to provide you with the best service.

7. They Should Be Analytical

Your remote bookkeeper should be able to expertly guide you through any financial crisis. Indeed, informative guidance on your company’s financial status can help you make important decisions. A bookkeeper is a real asset because you will come to rely on their analysis and judgment.

These are the qualities you should consider when looking to outsource your bookkeeping services to a reliable professional. When you are looking for an online bookkeeper instead of an in-house one, it is vital to consider the skills and experience of your preferred candidate. In this way you do not need to worry about managing financial records or handling your company’s books.

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