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Meet The Virtuous Bookkeeping Team

The experts at Virtuous Bookkeeping have more than 30 years of combined
experience in Finance, Accounting and Business Process Outsourcing.

Jas Saran

Director of Business Development

Rahul Maingi, CPA, CA, CFE

Financial Reporting Manager

Nam Tran, CPA, CA

Account Manager

Kamran Sherali


Over 15 years ago, the global landscape for process improvement and operational excellence evolved into offshore outsourcing. To remain competitive and efficient in any industry, businesses had to incorporate outsourcing as a primary solution to maximize the utilization of limited resources. The world’s largest organizations have reaped the benefits of outsourcing and have saved billions of dollars in the process. Unfortunately, due to the lack of scalability, this option was not available to small and medium sized organizations.

Our founding partners observed this gap and strategically developed a solution customized toward small and medium sized enterprises. This solution was created to allow businesses to leverage the advantages of outsourcing to operational costs. The cost and time savings derived from outsourcing could now be allocated to the core tasks and overall business growth.

The outsourcing solution we have created is particularly for accountants and businesses who are using internal resources on bookkeeping. We are bridging the gap between professional accountants and business owners by effectively completing tedious bookkeeping tasks.

From our humble beginnings and sincere objectives to offer Canadian businesses a way to reduce costs, we have experienced rapid growth and now serve over 500 clients nation wide. Currently, our team consist of 250 employee’s world wide, with offices in Canada, India and the Philippines.

Utilizing state of the art streamlined processes and technologies we are determined to be Canada’s largest outsourcing solution provider for small and medium size businesses.

Our Core Values

Our core values are part of our company's DNA. They are deeply ingrained principles that guide our companies actions and define who we are as an organization.
These core values influence what we stand for and set the tone of our corporate culture.


Our corporate culture inhibits new ideas to flourish by engaging and aligning individual objectives to our corporate goals. This environment allows us to develop proprietary technologies and continuous process improvement strategies. Freedom to imagine is possible by developing ideas collaboratively and staying abreast industry trends.


Our framework for making ethical decisions is the foundation of our core values. This ensures our day to day activities are based on honesty, trust and morals. We believe courage is not an option but the only choice.


We promote an open-minded attitude and willingness to consider alternatives. Our organizational culture maintains an open door policy to encourage staff, management and partners to work cohesively.


Working in synergy towards achieving a common goal provides a positive work environment. Supporting one another to combine individual strengths enhances team performance.

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