Data Security Services


Bookkeepers work with a vast amount of data and they should take the appropriate actions in protecting their clients information. Data breaches have increased significantly resulting in loss of data, legal proceedings and operational inefficiency.

6 simple steps that Virtuous Bookkeeping will take to protect your business data.

Awareness On Internal Controls

Our staff at Virtuous Bookkeeping will be your first level of defence when it comes to data security. Our vigilant employees (consultants, partners and vendors) can ensure that human error—which is a big cause of data security breaches—is eliminated.

Use Strong And Multiple Passwords

Many of us make the mistake of using simple passwords that are easy for hackers to guess. At Virtuous Bookkeeping we make sure that we have complicated passwords, a simple “dictionary attack”—an attack by a hacker using an automated tool that uses a combination of dictionary words and numbers to crack passwords—will not occur.

Encrypt Your Data

Encryption is a great security tool to use in case your data is stolen or compromised. At Virtuous Bookkeeping your files will be placed into an encrypted folder, which will automatically encrypt before it's synced to the cloud. In order to protect your data we use AES-256 and RSA encryption algorithms for maximum security.

Back Up

Data security is most effective when there is an automatic data back up procedure in place. Virtuous Bookkeeping backs up and tests your data to ensure it can be recovered when required.

Security Policies

At Virtuous Bookkeeping we have clear policies and procedures in place. This will ensure our staff and data are continuously operating in a secure environment. We ensure that all computers on the corporate network have state of the art security software.

Multiple-Security- Technology Solution

Data breaches have become more sophisticated, it is critical to have multiple layers of security on all devices. These security layers ensure breaches on your network are rapidly identified and resolved.

Stay Safe With Virtuous Bookkeeping


All files on our server’s remain private and are only accessible to users with appropriate security privileges.


Back Up

Our back up procedures provide redundancy on data stored on our servers.



Data recovery processes are implemented to ensure your data remains protected and readily available.



Stay connected to your data on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC.


Device Sync

Files are synced to provide users the capability of accessing their files from various devices.


Always On

Our systems operate 24/7, so user's can conveniently access their data anytime.


Share Files

Access and share files with staff via email and encrypted URL's for collaborative work flow.



Versioning allows our bookkeepers to track changes and preserve audit trails resulting data accuracy .