Frequently Asked Questions

What type/structure of businesses can outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services?

Most businesses can outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services. Small to Medium size organizations will benefit from outsourcing their non-value added activities; this will lead to significant reduction in operation costs. We know that each business is different so we make sure that we first understand their process and then provide them with a streamlined process that is unique to their business.

What level of support will I receive from Virtuous Bookkeeping?

Virtuous Bookkeeping is a firm believer that timely and clear communication with our clients is important. We have established a process whereby our clients will have access to their bookkeeper(s) 24 hours a day via Skype, Email, Telephone, Online Chats, etc.,

Will I lose control of my operations if I outsource my bookkeeping function?

No. As a business owner you will attain more control, access, reliability, internally audited financial statements and records that shall facilitate a better understanding of your financial status. Outsourcing such services assures that all your information is with a trusted advisor like us unlike your in-house staff whom can leave anytime without notice.

Will working remotely increase my cost?

No. Virtuous Bookkeeping will use your current system that you have in place or we can provide you with an up to date accounting system that will meet your needs. The decision is completely yours.

What accounting software does Virtuous Bookkeeping employ?

At Virtuous Bookkeeping we specialize in various accounting software’s depending upon our client needs. We are certified partner of many accounting software vendors such as QuickBooks®, Sage®, Xero® MYOB®, Freshbooks®, Peachtree®, and Wave®.

Is there any additional setup cost?

No. As a business owner you don’t have to worry about incurring any setup costs. We will make sure that your accounting software is set up before our bookkeepers start working on your files.

What kind of training do you provide to my employees and me?

We provide adequate training to our clients as well as their employees for all software’s that we use in creating financial statements and reports. Our training will assist you in collaborating your financial records and other documents with ease using our cloud based accounting system and data storage portal.

Who can have access to my company's financial data?

All your financial data is safe with us and is treated with utmost confidentiality. All your vital data is stored in our client portal that you can access anytime with a unique login ID and password created by you. You can also give access to other employees or other individuals like bankers, lawyers, investment advisors, etc. to the portal by assigning them unique user IDs and passwords. As accounting and bookkeeping service providers we can also create folders with limited access and defined permissions that shall allow only authorized personnel to access such sensitive information such as payroll records.

Where do you host my data? Is it safe and secure?

Maintaining confidentiality of client information is our top priority. All applications and client data is hosted on cloud servers that comply with the highest standards in data security.

Do I have to do away with my existing accounting staff or accountant once I hire your services?

We at Virtuous Bookkeeping have the expertise to manage all your accounting and bookkeeping needs. It's up to you to decide whether you want us to manage your accounts in part or fully depending upon your requirement. For many of our clients we work in close association with their existing resources to achieve the greatest value for your business.

What kind of industries do you work with?

We have extensive experience and expertise with various industries and have helped them develop specific processes for their services. Some of the industries we work with are:
• Financial Services
• Hotel/Hospitality
• Not for Profit and Charity
• Professional Services
• Restaurants
• Real Estate and Construction
• Retail and Service Businesses
• Technology

Is it possible to track vacation, sick days and/or PTO through your paperless payroll system?

Yes. We can track every employee detail through our payroll system with details on each employee’s pay stub. Each employee will have a unique login to a secure website that shall allow them secure access to their pay stubs and time sheets.

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